Tabbi Reading Challenge Day 2. Here's the story of the portrait behind Ruth Bader Ginsburg's postage stamp


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And they had joked before about their height gap. Once, towering over Ginsburg in an elevator, Bermingham had laughingly said she looked petrified to see him. But Ginsburg made sure to dispel that notion.

  • towering over: ​to be much higher or taller than the people or things that are near.

  • petrified: 극도로 무서워하는, 겁에 질린

  • dispel: (특히 느낌·믿음을) 떨쳐 버리다[없애다]

"I look up to you, but I'm not afraid of you," she later wrote to him in a note.

  • look up to: to respect and admire

"Ultimately, it was the details that led to the stamp's aura of grandeur and historical significance," said Kessler, who designed the final product. "Resilient yet sublime. Determined but accessible. It is truly... justice."

  • sublime : (감탄할 만큼) 절묘한; 숭고한, 지고한


Original input

The article is about the recent unveiled postal stamps of the late Supreme Court judge Ruth Ginsburg, and how the potrait was taken and painted and the story around it.

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The article is about the recently unveiled postal stamps of the late Supreme Court judge Ruth Ginsburg and the process of creating the portrait, as well as the story behind it.

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The article discusses the recently revealed postal stamps featuring the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg. It explores the process of capturing and painting her portrait, as well as the accompanying story.